About Us

What To Expect

While we love the products available around the world which can help us to carry out this mission, this brand will hopefully be so much more than just products. With big dreams of improving lives and creating social change I hope to grow the brand into little avenues of sharing ideas and content.

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Our Story

Hi! Im Jessica, the owner and operator at Morning Star Children. I took over this business in 2022 with a three year old and three month old. We are still really finding our way with the brand and the direction we want to go but at the heart it will always be about inspiring parents and in turn inspiring children.

I attended a Steiner school in Central Victoria and the business is very much Steiner influenced - by his ideas of a need for education and social reform and how much more life has to offer.

You will find aspects of Steiner wisdom and education here as well as inspiration for many other pedagodies such as Reggio Emelia, Charlotte Mason, Unschooling and Forest School. As well as inspiration for spiritual leaders and research, wellbeing and parenting.

I hope you'll join me on this exciting business and life journey.